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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 18, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 12:00, on your side. >> we begin with breaking news out of metro. the weekend station has been closed because of debris on the track between glenmont and forest glen on the red line. shuttle bus service is being provided for passengers. this news comes as riders are
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raising new concerns about safety after concrete fell from the ceiling onto a subway platform last night at the farragut north metro station in northwest. brianne carter urgent as live from metro headquarters with the latest. >> the latest thing that is raising concerns for writers. here at metro headquarters, there is -- was just a meeting of the metro board where the topic was safety. all of these issues were discussed today. with a hole in the ceiling and a bench blocked off, the farragut north metro station returned to business as usual thursday. >> i was surprised and shocked. >> the station was closed wednesday night when concrete and debris from the ceiling fell on to the train platform. officials believe it started with construction crews doing roadwork above. the issue of crashing concrete was brought before the safety and security committee this morning. >> they knew where they were supposed to be working at and where they were not, but the
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depth was not correct. >> even with the station reopened, commuter confusion continued during the morning rush because metrobus website and alerts were down. that problem has been resolved. writers were saying that this incident is part of -- riders were saying that this incident is part of the ongoing issues. >> at what point in time to use the preparing and rehabilitating and just -- do you stop repairing and rehabilitating and just replace the entire unit? >> greater attention needs to be paid. greater accountability. more attention to safety. >> as for the farragut north station, metro had a structural engineer out there overnight and had deemed it safe. they will have an inspector out while the road work continues. as far as the escalators, they say they are still waiting on the review to come back from an independent report. reporting live, brianne carter,
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abc 7 news. >> thank you. a traffic stop ended with an officer opening fire. he stopped the vehicle along southern avenue in southeast d.c. for unknown reasons, the officer fired his weapon. the driver took off but was arrested at the intersection of southern and branch avenues. we are told no one was hurt. more fallout in the corruption scandal that has been rocking prince george's county. two officers arrested earlier this week in an fbi bust will appear in court today. federal prosecutors revealed that one police officer was caught on tape agreeing to smother cocaine into maryland. a judge ordered the officer to be held behind bars until the trial. he and two others were arrested on monday, days after county executive jack johnson was taken into custody on corruption charges. is the second suspect in the
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murder of d.c. school principal brian betts is expected to plead guilty today. she will plead guilty to robbery -- he will plead guilty to use of a handgun in a crime and robbery. he faces 25to 30 years in prison -- 25 to 30 years in prison. betts was killed inside his home in april. the other suspects are still awaiting trial. tripuras we are awaiting a verdict in the chandra levy murder trial -- we are awaiting a verdict in the chandra levy murder trial of. -- of ingmar guandique. courtney robinson is live at this is beer court -- at the superior court. >> we do not know when we'll get the verdict brought up. there is quite a bit of evidence and testimony to go through. i can tell you that deliberations started a little bit late this morning, likely because of the very long line we saw out here in front of the d.c. superior court.
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at this hour, nine women and three men are once again sequestered inside of d.c. superior court, trying to determine the guilt or innocence of ingmar guandique. ingmar guandique is standing trial for two counts of first- degree murder of chandra levy in 2001. if convicted, he faces life in prison without parole. the jury could also handed down a second degree murder verdict, meaning 20 years to life. we saw last-minute attempts by the prosecution and the defense to put more evidence in front of the jury. those requests were denied by the judge. again, this is very much a waiting game here at d.c. superior court, awaiting the verdict which could come in at any minute. we'll bring you the very latest as soon as we hear it. you can find it also on our website coppe tbd.c -- on our our website, -- on
12:06 pm the punishment is under way -- the hearing is underway to determine the punishment for congressman charlie rangel. rangel pleaded for "a drop of mercy) and could face house censure, reprimand, or fine. was convicted on 11 of 12 charges ranging from not paying taxes on a vacation home to misusing official letterhead in violation of ethics rules. we are getting ready -- is we are getting ready for another gorgeous weekend. adam caskey has a look at the forecast. >> it does look like a beautiful weekend. it will be november-like. let's start with our weatherbug network. we have a live look east from on top of the belfort furniture weather center. a thin veil of clouds overhead. currently 56 degrees at reagan national airport temperatures
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are in the mid-50's. cooler in lynchburg. manasseh's is at 60. that is an anomaly right now. clarksburg is 54. we should stay in the mid-50's with increasing clouds. we're not expecting any flowers -- showers. is new at noon -- an investigation is underway in stafford county after a school bus driver reportedly showed pornography to students. parents at a.g. right middle school contacted school officials yesterday. they say that a female bus driver showed their children of pornographic photographs of herself on. the bus driver has resigned. the school has contacted jobs services and the stafford county sheriff's office. tripura's of four manassas school teacher who is in jail for molesting -- a former and as a schoolteacher is in jail for molesting a student. -- a former manassas school
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teacher is in jail for molesting a student. he committed other crimes in virginia and north carolina. attorney -- jury found a former guantanamo bay detainee guilty of just one charge among hundreds. ahmed ghailani was tried in front of a civilian court comp. it was his role that killed -- in a bombing that killed hundreds of people that he was tried for. obama was hoping for a much tougher verdict. republicans have called the verdict a miscarriage of justice. ahmed ghailani faces a minimum of 20 years in prison. we're watching a developing story out of africa. a flight from namibia to journey -- germany was delayed after police found suspicious
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luggage on board. they found a suitcase containing batteries attached by wires to a fuse and clock. german officials say that no explosives were found. after a long delay, the airplane was allowed to leave. just yesterday, germany raised its terror threat level, saying it has word of the suspected attack planned for the end of this month. the latest security scare comes as the fight over security gets even more heated here in the u.s. the head of the transportation security administration tells congress all the steps at the airport are justified. as pamela brown reports, some passengers are not buying it. >> it is something the tsa says must be done. these photographs prove why. contraband from marijuana to ceramic knives did not make it on board planes because they were caught by full-body scans. >> i think we need to be safe. i'm ok with doing what we need to do to have a safe flight. >> testifying to congress, tsa
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security chief said under cager -- undercover agents have routinely been able to smuggle contraband through security. the concern is that terrorists can do the same. >> it was largely because we were not been thorough enough in our pat-downs. >> passengers are faced with two good choices -- full-bodied pat- down or full-body scans. >> between the two good choices, i will opt for the stand -- the two choice is, i would opt for the scan. >> it was interested. the padding down deals less invasive. i do not know. >> some passengers understand the new measures. they're still not convinced it will make traveling any safer. >> my conviction is that, yes, we probably have plugged some gaps. you cannot carry something in your pants pocket. we have now created new gaps
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that we do not know about yet. >> youtube videos of angry passengers have gone by road. one man faces a two -- $10,000 -dne for refusing a pat0 own. president obama is summoning some big names to the white house to help push through his nuclear-weapons treaty program with russia. the so-called s.t.a.r.t. treaty would dramatically cut u.s. and russian nuclear stockpiles. today's white house meeting included secretary of state hillary clinton and former secretary of state henry kissinger. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, dreaming of the white house. sarah palin is speaking out about her future plans and why she could be facing as uprising rival. plus, helping the hungry --
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on the road for a good cause. back from the brink. will it be a red-letter day for a former failing automaker? will the sunny skies be back
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[ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. right now get a safeway frozen turkey for just 47 cents a pound. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. >> we have an update for you now from metro. we told you earlier the we 10 station was closed. all metro stations have reopened -- the wheaton station was closed. all metro stations have reopened. debris on the tracks was being blamed for causing a problem. riders should expect delays. already, sarah palin has
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made her clearest statement yet that she has set her sights on 2012. don henderson has the latest. -- john hendren latest. >> says she can do it, but will she? >> i am trying to figure out if it is a good thing for the country and for my family. >> she has been flirting with the run for president since she filled with rice presidential bid in 2008. this time around, she tolls -- she tells barbara walters she would win. >> could you be barack obama? >> i believe so. >> she has another episode of her reality show this week. she also got a cover story in the new york times and a new book coming out next week. her daughter is in the finals of "dancing with the stars." if she runs, sarah palin would face a surprising rival -- she
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might. >> i like her, but i would take her on. >> donald trump decides he will decide whether he will run in did republican primary. he is willing to spend to do so. >> i would spend a lot. >> that would pit the sitting president against two well- backed gop titans. gop insiders warn that sarah palin's support is narrow. trump is so far untested in politics. general motors's stock is rising sharply today as the auto maker began operating as a publicly-traded company. stock jumped more than $2 above the ipo price of $33 shortly after she executive dan akerson rang the opening bell this morning -- chief executive dan akerson rang the opening bell this morning. what a difference a year makes. and that that is a good thing. >> a good thing for all of us.
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the weekend is looking good. during november. i've been calling this the date of no's. -- the day of no's. no rain, no storm, no heavy wind. .et's look at the time lapse this is around sunrise, looking west from our rooftop camera. notice how the clouds began to increase, coming in from the west. you can see some of the clouds are increasing. it is still pretty sunny in the metro area. we do have some clouds of to the west. they will continue to march eastward, moving over head. increasing clouds through the midday. you can see some of the clouds over the water. here's a live look at super doppler. we have some echoes stretching north and south from winchester down toward orange county and medicine. this does look -- and madison.
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this is mid-level cloud cover moving in . the movingdeck starts at about -- cloud cover moving in. the cloud cover starts at about 8000 -- my thousand feet. here's a look at the satellite. you can see the -- the cloud cover starts at about 5,000 feet. here is a look at the satellite. you can see the thicker clouds. we do have a few light showers far off to our west in parts of west virginia and even parts of western pennsylvania. this action is rippling apart, kind of falling apart as it moves eastward. it is a disturbance in our atmosphere, a little ripple in our flow, which causes these little areas of showers. it was raining harder than this in kentucky this morning. it is in just a little added cloud cover here. not a big deal. -- it is mainly just a little additional cloud cover here.
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martinsburg is 51. temperatures tomorrow morning will be cool, in the mid to upper-30's. we will be just below 40 degrees in and around the beltway. tomorrow, despite the sunshine, it should be cooler, in the lower-50's for the high, as opposed to the mid-50's that we had today. 3200 american families are getting much needed assistance. volunteers unloaded 10 simi tractor-trailers filled with food and other essentials -- semi tractor trailers filled with food and other essentials. preselected families were given a box of food and other avon products. nurses have called off their plan to strike. they had canceled the one-day strike that was planned for the day before the ink is giving. nurses in the hospital said it will restart -- the day before
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thanksgiving. nurses in the hospital said that they will restart negotiations. a local college -- george washington university -- says infestations of bedbugs have been reported in five residence halls. residents are receiving bedbugs bite proof master's covers -- that discovers. a new study finds more americans may find i do obsolete. americans may find i do obsolete. makeover magic on
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>> question for you -- is marriage on the rocks in the
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u.s.? a new study suggests the trend against marriage is getting stronger. the pew research center said nearly one in three u.s. children live with parents who are unwed or no longer married. that is five times higher than in 1960. about 39% of americans say marriage is becoming obsolete. a poet and former president are among the former -- among the winners of this year's top civilian honor. president obama has chosen this year's presidential medal of freedom winners, including my at antelope -- maya angelou, george h. w. bush, warren buffett, john lewis, and cellist yo-yo ma. h. w. bush, warren buffett, john lewis, and cellist yo-yo ma.
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coming up tonight at 5:00 -- in a fresh new look after a divorce. what are some people doing to give themselves a new look when they re-enter the dating scene? some doctors are calling it a force deals -- divorce deals. some dedicated diners will be eating for free for the next year. chik-fil-a awarded free food to the first people in line. die-hard fans travel across the country for these events. the restaurant opened at 6:00
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a.m. some people started lining up at 5:00 yesterday morning. >> free food for a year. >> that is a lot of chicken. let's look at the weekend. it is looking pretty good. partly cloudy on sunday. starting in the upper-30's and rising into the low to mid-50's in the afternoon. we'll have another chance of showers next wednesday, maybe late tuesday. that is pretty far off. it looks like a pretty slight chance. >> that is good for my point of -- my paintball. i am scared. his for joining us. have a great day. be sure to watch abc -- thank you for joining us. have a great day. be sure to watch abc 7 news at 5:00. ♪
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